Simple Social Media Strategy

Looking to start off your social media and need a push in the right direction? This is a simple social media strategy that is a good start for any business.

Base your strategy around these three basic themes:
  • corporate reputation/credibility 
  • managing expectations 
  • internal communications/cultural change. 

Corporate reputation/credibility
You want to develop a reputation for trust and integrity, and to be seen as getting results - getting results for your customers and getting the best for your industry.

You will need to:

Raise your profile to support the reputation you are seeking

  • Position yourselves as an influencer within the market 
  • Demonstrate with robust evidence that your work leads to change 
  • Generate supporters across media contacts and other relevant stakeholders 
  • Improve the reach of your business to all business sectors 
  • Develop a positive image/brand that supports the desired corporate reputation 

Managing expectations
You want to be perceived as a professional organisation that has the breadth of expertise in either what you sell or supply.

You will need to:
  • Clarify your range of services 
  • Define your uniqueness and strengths 
  • Promote your wins 
  • Promote your market achievements 

Internal communications/cultural change
You want a culture that is open and allow your staff to contribute to your social media success. Let your staff feel involved and engaged.

You will need to:
  • Have an open social media policy within your business 
  • Allow staff to talk about your business and its products and services 
  • Reply to prospects and customers questions/concerns 

If you need more help in developing your social media strategy, then simply get in touch with me.


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