My Work

Currently working for a small family business that sells consumables like Industrial Hand Wipes, Shelving and Trailer parts.

I am the marketing consultant for - a site devoted to giving advice on Settlement Agreements (compromise agreements).

Working with smaller businesses is great because you really make a positive contribution to the bottom line and help to ensure revenues and profitability; that's the great thing for working with Michael Lewin Solicitors (Leeds Solicitors, specialising in Personal Injury, Stress at Work and Employment) to ensure that they get more claims for compensation into the practice areas, but also to start new practice areas (i.e. Tenant Evictions and Commercial Property etc.).

Every day is different, but ensuring that their SEO, PPC and Social Media brings in great qualified leads that result in more business is a thrill.

Worked with Timber Natural to help promote their Oak, Walnut and Antiqued products.

For Irwin Mitchell (Law Firm) I was their Accounts and Promotions Manager; it was a fantastic role that basically worked with the business to ensure that their legal team and services were well represented online and through social media. A very challenging but rewarding role.

Prior to this great role at Irwin Mitchell, I completed an interim role at Aviva who needed help in developing the Life side of their web operations; so the work involves strategy, developing tactical plans and putting these plans into action.

Prior to working with Aviva, I completed a successful six month contract at Best Western GB, helping them to develop their new website (including usability, design, SEO, copywriting and project management). Their interim site scored an impressive 4/5 from WebUser magazine!

Going back a little further I worked for npower helping them to generate more profitable revenues. That included lots of great online strategy stuff!

Before there I worked at Jessops where, with my help, they tripled online revenues in just nine months.

Been online for more years that I care to remember, having it as a career for over ten years now. I have also been awarded Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Whatever you need to get your business performing, I can help.