Is Your Website Suffering from a Personality Disorder?

The old adage is true … People buy from People!

Injecting personality into your website is one of the most effective ways to convey a human touch, to convey the fact that your website and therefore business is backed by real people!

Visitors are interested in accessible, unintimidating websites just as we’re drawn to friendly, easy-going and downright nice people.

But not all of us are blessed with this effortless charm. Likewise, many websites exhibit a lot of traits that simply put visitors off them.

Is your website suffering from any of these common “personality disorders”?
  • Does it talk about itself more than the visitor? 
  • Does it forget to say how good it can be for your potential client? 
  • Does it provide simply outrageous claims that it can’t back up! 
  • Does it talk the talk? Keeps rabbiting on about things that just aren’t important! 
  • Does it talk with forked-tongues? Talk gibberish? Talk in jargon so that no-one will understand it! 
  • Does it talk negatively about itself? 
  • Does it show too pics like a boring uncle who shows you their endless and dull holiday snapshots? 
  • Is it anti-social or does it allow you to follow it on one of the many social networks? 
  • Does it lack goals, drive or enthusiasm? 

If it exhibits any of these personality disorders then I need to take a look at it as soon as possible for you, if it shows any of these disorders then no-one will give it any attention!


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