Is Your Business Known For Being Reliable and “Getting The Job Done”? – Then Beware!

It’s a myth in modern business that having a reputation for being “reliable” and being known for “getting the job done” makes you valuable and indispensable to your customers.

It’s all part of the fabric of business, but you need to be known for more than this because if your customer ever looks for more, they won’t come banging on your door.

Today, as a business you need to be known as someone that can improve and enhance the results of customers, you need to prove that you can solve their problems and move them forward.

If you fall at any of these fences, then your customers could cut you loose if they ever need a supplier that can go that extra mile for them, and because they see you as a capable business that does a great job, it could be a difficult decision for them, but it’s a decision that they WILL make if they need to.

The truth of the matter is that today you need to be known as a business that adds value – there is therefore an importance to define where and how you can add this value.

Most of this stems from having a real partnership with your customers and truly understanding them and the market(s) in which they operate; this will allow you to not only fully understand any problems that is given to you (so you can provide the very best solution), but you can also add value by spotting opportunities for your customers before they do.

Working in this way will lead you to become indispensable and ensure that your customers never want to lose you as a partner.


This article was originally posted on LinkedIn in July 2017

New, unconfirmed Google ranking update ‘Fred’ shakes the SEO world!

"New, unconfirmed Google ranking update ‘Fred’ shakes the SEO world!"

I love this headline from searchengineland; we get this news a couple of time a year and it never fails to make me laugh!

It looks as if Google could have released yes another algorithm change that take a long hard look at the quality of a websites links before deciding whether that sites ranking needs to be improved or demoted.

But again it, this new ‘Fred’ update seems to have caught the SEO industry off-guard as is sending waves of panic across the community, but why this always makes me laugh is that if these SEO practitioners did their job right in the first place and looked to place good quality content on webpages with good quality (not spammy) links linking to the content then there wouldn’t be a problem.

The worry look on the faces of SEO professionals out there is a clear sign that they know that they have done something bad (black hat SEO) in the past and they are scared that their past is going to come along and bite them in their @rse.

I for one (as well as others like me), sit back and actually watch our ranking improving; I was struggling with one competitive term that seemed stuck as #8 suddenly yesterday leapt to #2, and I’m seeing positive moves across a range of sites and keywords.

I’m sitting pretty, I just wish all of my colleagues would learn and start doing their jobs properly!