Get Google reviews easily

Reviews on Google could have a small (and positive) impact on your search engine rankings, but more importantly they allow potential customers to see what a great service you offer, which will help drive traffic to your website and aid conversions.

We all trust what other people say about businesses (we tend to ask for personal recommendations ourselves), so the reviews act to reinforce the positive messages that you put out to the market. In addition, businesses can strengthen their relationship with their market by engaging with them directly through their reviews on Google.

Leaving a review is quick and easy to do, and can be left on a desktop, smartphone or tablet and you’ll start to see those wonderful review stars in your listings as reviews get left for you, they make your business really standout from the crowd.

Remember, people can leave a review for you on Google whether you like it or not, so you are best engaging with the reviews to ensure that you get the most from it.

Here is my simple three step process for getting more positive reviews on Google and use it to create more business for yourself.

Step 1: The most important thing is to ensure that your business information is verified on Google as only verified businesses can respond to reviews.

Here is more information on how to verify your business on Google (

Step 2: Encourage customers to write a Google review for you.

Simply remind your customers once they have had a positive dealing with you to write a review for you on Google, reviewers do need a Google account, so it can sometime mean that not everyone can write a review for you (I know, it seems crazy that some people out there don’t own a Google account!).

If they search for your business name on Google, they should see a full panel in the results with your businesses details on them, they just need to click the “Write a review” button.

You could always email them a link to your page to make the whole process easier for them!

Step 3: Be active and engage with reviewers

It helps people to decide to leave a review if they see that you engage and thank reviewers, others will see that you value the input of customers and will want to leave you their reviews too.


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